BridesMaid Styles

July 16, 2018




Bridesmaids dresses have become very creative over the past few years, and from crop tops to mix-and-match to vintage, pretty much anything goes! Your bridesmaids dresses will very much set the tone of your day, so it’s important to really consider if you want a laid-back, bohemian summer’s day feel, or a classic, formal, occasional-feel to your day and allow your bridesmaids dresses to establish your theme.

With so much variety available, bridesmaids dresses will come in every shape and form in 2019, but there are some trends we can see emerging and dominating next year. Here’s seven of our faves…


1. Beading Beautiful 


Beautiful beaded gowns were the bridesmaid dresses of 2016, and will continue to be hugely popular with Irish brides and bridesmaids next year.  This style is for a more formal feeling wedding, and looks great as a mix and match in neutral shades. The  style is perfect for an autumn or winter wedding.



2.  Magic Mismatched